CZ Steps Down from Binance US Governance

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As many enthusiasts of the crypto news have surely heard by now, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao has formally stepped down from his position as Chairman of the board of Binance.US.

While this regulatory-focused move comes as little surprise given recent events, it represents yet another chapter in the ongoing saga between one of the biggest names in crypto and regulators across the globe.

Binance, for those just joining us, is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume. Founded by CZ in 2017, it quickly rose to dominate the Bitcoin and altcoin trading markets.

However, its unparalleled growth was not without issues. Regulators in numerous jurisdictions argued that Binance failed to properly implement anti-money laundering programs and know-your-customer standards.


CZ Pleads Guilty

Changpeng CZ Zhao Binance

These tensions came to a head late last month. On November 21st, CZ pleaded guilty to a felony count as part of a larger $4.3 billion settlement between Binance and US authorities. Under the agreement, CZ resigned from his position as CEO of the embattled exchange.

He also agreed to remain in the US until his scheduled sentencing hearing next February. So with that context in mind, CZ’s resignation from Binance.US’ board, announced just one week after the groundbreaking plea deal, is far from a surprise twist.

CZ will no longer be directly involved in Binance.US’ governance. He transferred his voting rights through a proxy arrangement to focus fully on his new post-Binance ventures.

Separating the Arms

The move helps further distinguish Binance.US as a legally independent entity. As its team was quick to clarify on Twitter, Binance.US was not directly party to CZ’s guilty plea or the broader settlement. It will continue under the leadership of existing management.

This separation of the two arms is crucial for Binance.US’ future potential. The agreement allows the American offshoot to freely pursue the all-important US market without baggage from its global parent company.

As Norman Reed, Binance.US’ new sole board chair, said – it provides “renewed clarity and momentum.” Only time will tell if this split helps Binance.US better please increasingly vigilant US regulators.

But for crypto diehards staying up to date on the latest blockchain news, it represents an intriguing precedent as these legal showdowns develop. CZ’s leadership abdication could portend even further decentralization between international crypto giants and their domestic offshoots.

What’s Next for CZ?

With his formal exit from the boardroom now complete, speculation turns to CZ’s next moves. His recent social media musings provide some clues.


On Twitter, CZ stated he has “a lot more free time” post-Binance. He expressed interest in using cryptocurrency to accelerate biotech research funding.

CZ also dismissed notions that the US judge overseeing his case denied his request to leave the country, clarifying the matter was still pending a full hearing.

No doubt CZ will continue pioneering new frontiers at the intersection of technology and finance. Crypto enthusiasts worldwide will be avidly following any reports on CZ’s next chapter. You can keep up with all the latest developments by following EXEcrypto‘s news coverage!

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