STEPN and Apple Announce Collaboration!

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The newest and biggest collaboration of the Internet and Web3 World!

The Web3 world continues to grow without slowing down. According to the latest information from the Execrypto team, there is good news for Crypto lovers. StepN, the famous crypto platform, announced its collaboration with Apple. Execrypto team announced the details of this news that excites the entire crypto ecosystem!

Apple Pay Integration to StepN application!

The StepN app has announced a major collaboration by integrating with Apple Pay. This integration will bring a breath of fresh air to the Web3 industry. There has never been a Web3 app integrated with Apple Pay before. Now, instant payments can be made with Apple Pay, an Apple product, without using the crypto wallet directly.

Try the StepN platform with Apple Music!

Another great innovation coming to the StepN platform is that after the integration of Apple Music and the StepN application, Apple Music can also be experienced with the StepN application. Users who use the StepN application will have a great experience with Apple Music while performing operations such as walking and running.

New Innovations are coming with the Find Satoshi Lab team!

The Find Satoshi Lab (FSL) team is the team that developed the StepN app. Find Satoshi Lab explained to Execrypto that their main goal is to partner with traditional tech companies and invite them to the Web3 ecosystem. The FSL team said that they are trying to show how reliable and innovative decentralized technology platforms are by allowing users of traditional technology companies to transition to the Web3 ecosystem more smoothly and easily with StepN.

Apple and StepN Collaboration

Evolution of Web2 to Web3

StepN team said that Web2 and Web3 platforms are independent and unrelated but at the same time they can grow together and increase the number of users. The new Web3 platforms can come to very different places by partnering with traditional Web2 platforms.

What’s new for StepN and GMT users!

Following this collaboration, the StepN team, Find Satoshi Lab, announced that they will increase the price of GMT Coin with new features they will bring to the application and find much more innovative solutions. StepN users will have a much better experience using Apple Music and experience the Apple Music ecosystem.

Web3 and Traditional Technology Companies

With this innovation from StepN and this collaboration between StepN and Apple, they have proven how Web3 and traditional technology companies can come together to build much more comprehensive products. This is a model for all Web3 and Web2 platforms. Very exciting news for the Blockchain and Crypto ecosystem! In this world of constant change, such integrations and collaborations will breathe new life into the industry.

The future of the Crypto ecosystem

StepN and Apple’s collaboration will help the Web3 world grow much faster and help users adapt faster. Web3 culture is growing very quickly with the use of decentralized wallets, but users have not yet fully adapted to this experience. Apple is taking a big responsibility in this regard by signing up with a Web3 app. A next generation solution for a next generation life!

In addition to StepN and GMT coin, CyberConnect continues to attract attention. The Cyber Connect team and Cyber Coin, which has also received investment from Binance with their newly released platform, are increasing their price every day. Don’t forget to read our detailed article on Cyber Connect!

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