Robert Kiyosaki Continues to Champion Bitcoin, Gold, and Silver

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Robert Kiyosaki, bestselling author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” remains a stalwart advocate for investing in assets outside of traditional currencies.

With inflation and economic uncertainty looming large, Kiyosaki has long urged readers to protect their wealth by accumulating positions in Bitcoin, gold, and silver.


In recent weeks and months, the financial educator has taken to Twitter on multiple occasions to reiterate his bullish sentiments towards these stores of value.

One such tweet saw Kiyosaki declare that the recent climb in gold prices to new all-time highs was “great news.” However, he lamented the difficulties faced by everyday workers and savers, arguing they were being put at a disadvantage by the current financial system.

His solution, as always, was to remove funds and reliance from what he calls the “fake money system” of fiat currencies like the US dollar. In their place, Kiyosaki advocated diversifying into “hard assets” like gold, silver, and the largest cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

This aligns with his past characterization of Bitcoin as a digital version of “the people’s money,” meant to empower individuals rather than governments and banks.

Why These Precious Assets?

Robert Kiyosaki Bitcoin

Kiyosaki has outlined some of the macro-level factors driving his confidence in select commodities and cryptocurrencies. For one, he expects runaway inflation will continue eroding the purchasing power of national currencies.

In an environment where monetary policies are becoming increasingly “Marxist” according to Kiyosaki, holding assets restricted in supply like precious metals and crypto makes sound financial sense.

Another major motivation is Kiyosaki’s prediction that adoption trends will cause significant price jumps.

Gold may surge to $3,700 per ounce, while Bitcoin could rocket to $135,000 based on Kiyosaki’s various projections. He anticipates gold finding a bottom before advancing even higher in the future.

The Latest from the Crypto Champion

Kiyosaki persists in getting his positive crypto message out through prolific social media use, such as his popular Twitter account.

In a tweet from last summer, he announced to his 2.4 million followers his expectation for Bitcoin to hit $100,000. This was due to looming concerns including unstable global geopolitics.

More recently on Twitter, Kiyosaki hinted that the Federal Reserve’s plans for a central bank digital currency could make certain stores of value “priceless.”

Precious commodities and cryptocurrencies may attain this status if inflation persists and the dollar weakens further from its current strength. Overall, it’s clear the Rich Dad author remains as bullish as ever on digital gold and its peer precious metals.

Robert Kiyosaki‘s ongoing advocacy serves as a reminder of why diversification is key during uncertain economic eras. By maintaining modest positions in a variety of hard assets beyond government-issued currencies, individuals can help protect long-term wealth.

Be sure to keep up with the latest crypto news from EXEcrypto to stay on top of market developments and insight from fintech leaders like Kiyosaki. The future of finance may very well involve the growing prominence of once alternative investments.

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