What is Pundi X (PUNDIX) and How Does It Work in 2024?

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Pundi X aims to bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream by making them accessible and useful for payments in daily life.

Their flagship product, Pundi X POS (PXPs), allows both merchants and consumers to easily buy, sell, and accept digital currencies at any physical store.

What is the purpose of Pundi X (PUNDIX)?

Pundix coin

Pundi X functions using its native cryptocurrency, PUNDIX. PUNDIX has a few core use cases. It powers transactions on the Pundi X blockchain and is used as fuel for executing transactions and smart contracts.

It also forms the basis for Pundi X’s proof-of-stake consensus. Additionally, merchants can choose to receive settlement of crypto sales in various digital assets including PUNDIX. This gives the currency inherent value and utility within the Pundi X ecosystem.

How does Pundi X (PUNDIX) work?

At the heart of Pundi X is their PXPs point-of-sale device. This handheld card reader allows instant purchasing and payments with various cryptocurrencies supported on its network.

Users can load up their Pundi X wallet app on their phone, top it up with crypto, and then tap to pay at partnering merchant locations. Behind the scenes, the blockchain handles currency exchanges and settlement in the chosen crypto or stablecoins.

PUNDIX tokens are used for transaction fees, staking rewards,and other operations on the decentralized Pundi X network.

Does Pundi X (PUNDIX) have a future?

Pundix token future

There’s certainly potential here. By addressing crypto’s “chicken and egg” problem of usability, Pundi X could unlock greater mainstream adoption. Their expanding merchant network now numbers over 100,000 locations globally according to their website.

As more retailers accept digital currencies through the affordable PXPs, demand for those currencies may rise along with the value of PUNDIX itself.

However, competition is increasing and regulations remain a hurdle. If Pundi X can continue leading innovation in this space, the future looks bright.

When Pundi X (PUNDIX) launched?

Pundi X began as an Ethereum token called PXS in January 2018. Later that year, it rebranded to NPXS after a 1000:1 token swap. In April 2021, NPXS was migrated again to PUNDIX, this time in a 1000:1 ratio.

So while the coin itself has undergone transitions, its core mission and technology platform launched over 5 years ago and have grown substantially since.

Is Pundi X (PUNDIX) a scam?

Pundix crypto scam

No, Pundi X does not appear to be a scam. It is a legitimate and transparent business with an active development team building real products.

Pundi X has shipped over 100,000 of its PXPs devices according to its website and has partnerships with major payment processors and telcos.

Of course, as with any new cryptocurrency, there are inherent risks investors should research before buying PUNDIX or any other digital asset. But objective reviews generally agree Pundi X presents a viable vision of cryptocurrency accessibility.

Is it safe to invest in Pundi X (PUNDIX)?

Like all cryptocurrencies, PUNDIX involves risk and its price can be volatile. However, as long as proper security practices are followed in storing your coins, investing in PUNDIX is likely no less safe than holding other popular cryptos.

Pundi X’s public mainnet, regular audits, and high-profile partnerships provide confidence in the platform. As always, diversifying your portfolio and only investing amounts you can afford to lose helps mitigate inherent crypto risks.

For the optimist, Pundi X‘s practical vision and expanding real-world adoption could pay off. But do your own research before investing.

Is Pundi X (PUNDIX) worth it? PUNDIX Price 2024

Pundix coin price 2024

Only time will tell if PUNDIX proves a worthy long term investment. In the short term, its price will likely continue fluctuating with the broader crypto market’s bullish and bearish cycles.

Looking further out, much depends on execution of Pundi X’s ambitious roadmap and continued global merchant onboarding.

Regulatory clarity around crypto and mainstream adoption milestones could also positively impact PUNDIX’s price. Some optimistic projections forecast PUNDIX reaching $1 – $2.5 by 2025. But past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Do your research and only invest according to your risk tolerance. Now everyone can get crypto news conveniently and quickly from EXEcrypto.

Where to buy Pundi X (PUNDIX)?

The best cryptocurrency exchanges to purchase PUNDIX include Binance, KuCoin, Gate.io, Upbit, Bitget, and Phemex. PUNDIX can typically be bought with BTC, ETH, USDT or stablecoins.

Be sure to research platforms thoroughly, enable strong account security, backup authentication, and only purchase amounts you can afford to lose. Exchanges go through periodic maintenance, so you may experience temporary deposit/withdrawal delays.

How to sell Pundi X (PUNDIX)?

To sell PUNDIX, transfer it back to the exchange you originally purchased it from and place a sell order. Ensure the exchange supports PUNDIX withdrawals before purchasing. Complete any verification needed and have your deposit address handy.

Then navigate to the PUNDIX/crypto trading pair, input your amount, review fees, and place a limit sell order. Funds will be deposited as your chosen currency once the order matches a buyer. For security, enable withdrawals to trusted personal wallets only after selling.

How to stake Pundi X (PUNDIX)?

Pundix token stake

Staking PUNDIX is quite easy. Head to the Pundi X website and download the XWallet app. Transfer your coins into the non-custodial XWallet. From there, go to “Earn” and click “Start Staking.” Select the amount to stake and confirm the transaction.

Your PUNDIX will begin passively accumulating rewards based on the project’s annual percentage yield.

Staking contributes to network security and you can redeem rewards or restake your earnings as you choose periodically. It’s a hands-free way to generate returns on your PUNDIX holdings.

How to mine Pundi X (PUNDIX)?

You cannot directly mine PUNDIX tokens as it utilizes the delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm that isn’t mineable. With POS, miners are replaced by “validators” who lock up their stake in the network.

Pundi X token holders can stake their PUNDIX in the XWallet to passively earn rewards from transaction fees in proportion to their contribution.

Staking requires no special hardware but does subject staked funds to potential slashing conditions if validators are unresponsive or sign illegal blocks. PUNDIX holders are thus encouraged to safely stake in the XWallet or with trusted validators.

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