What is Wrapped EOS (WEOS) and How Does It Work in 2024?

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Wrapped EOS or WEOS is an Ethereum-based token that represents units of EOS cryptocurrency.

Like other wrapped coins, it allows EOS holders to leverage DeFi opportunities on Ethereum while maintaining ownership of their original coins. But how exactly does WEOS work and what’s it all about? Let’s take a deeper look.

What is the purpose of Wrapped EOS (WEOS)?

Wrapped eos WEOS coin

At its core, WEOS aims to bridge the EOS and Ethereum blockchains by serving as a gateway token. It facilitates the transfer of value between the two networks in a trustless manner.

You see, while EOS and Ethereum are separate blockchains with their own ecosystems of applications, they aren’t directly interoperable. WEOS makes it possible to easily move assets between them.

This cross-chain functionality unleashes a host of new possibilities. Now EOS holders can participate in Ethereum’s thriving DeFi space through stablecoins, lending protocols, yield farming and more.

How does Wrapped EOS (WEOS) work?

Under the hood, WEOS works similarly to other wrapped tokens. It relies on a centralized exchange called Anyswap to bridge transactions from EOS to Ethereum.

Here’s a quick run-through of the wrapping process:

  • A user sends their EOS to the designated EOS account controlled by Anyswap.
  • Anyswap locks the equivalent amount of EOS in a smart contract and mints the same number of WEOS tokens on Ethereum.
  • The new WEOS tokens are then sent back to the user’s Ethereum address.
  • To unwrap, the reverse happens – WEOS tokens are burned on Ethereum and real EOS is released back to the original EOS wallet.

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Does Wrapped EOS (WEOS) have a future?

Wrapped eos WEOS token future

Despite being a recent initiative, WEOS shows promise as an interoperability standard. As more Layer 1 blockchains emerge, having simple ways to move tokens between them will be crucial to mainstream adoption of blockchain tech.

But for WEOS specifically, there are challenges ahead. Any swap solely controls the wrapping process currently, contradicting principles of decentralization.

And inter-blockchain transfers are reliant on their maintenance of sufficient cross-chain liquidity pools.

Should the platform further decentralize WEOS minting in a trustless manner, it could truly take off. Going forward WEOS will also need strong developer support across decentralized applications to unlock real utility.

When Wrapped EOS (WEOS) launched?

Wrapped EOS was first launched in June 2021 by Synthetix Foundation, the team behind synthetic protocol Synthetix.

But it wasn’t until October that year that the cross-chain bridge was launched on Anyswap to actually facilitate WEOS transfers between EOS and Ethereum.

Since then, various upgrades have improved the wrapping infrastructure. This includes support for staking WEOS through more liquidity providers and bigger reserves backing the tokens.

Is Wrapped EOS (WEOS) a scam?

Wrapped eos WEOS token scam

There’s no evidence that WEOS is an outright scam. It’s created by credible teams like Synthetix Foundation and Anyswap who are active in the community. The token contract also passes basic technical audits for vulnerabilities.

However, wrapped coins aren’t without risks. Centralized aspects like minting rely on third parties like Anyswap which introduce an element of trust.

And, as with any new token, long-term viability depends on achieving real-world use and demand rather than just speculative trading.

Is it safe to invest in Wrapped EOS (WEOS)?

Like any emerging cryptocurrency investment, purchasing WEOS carries risk that may not suit all investors. That said, as an ERC-20 token on Ethereum, WEOS shares some attributes with more established wrapped coins which have proven safe short-term holds.

Provided the 1:1 backing is maintained by Anyswap, its value should remain relatively stable. And the liquidity provided on services like Uniswap means the token can easily be converted back to EOS if desired.

As long as you understand the centralization aspects of WEOS’ infrastructure and don’t invest more than you can afford to lose on a speculative bet, purchasing some tokens could potentially serve as a low-risk leveraged play on growth across both EOS and Ethereum ecosystems.

Is Wrapped EOS (WEOS) worth it? WEOS Price 2024

Wrapped eos WEOS coin price 2024

At its current sub-$2.5 price level, WEOS offers reasonable upside from speculation given the potential for wrapped tokens to facilitate crypto adoption. But its long-term value depends on how it fares across 2024-2025.

If WEOS can further decentralize, solidify its peg, attract more liquidity and expand use-cases through external developer support, $12.5-25 per coin is achievable by late 2024 as inter-blockchain communication matures. This would give a respectable 5-10x returns in that time frame.

However, unforeseen risks could emerge that curb enthusiasm and progress. While wrapped concepts are promising, WEOS has competition and its centralization is unsatisfying to some.

As ever in crypto, no long-term price is certain – but positive trends bode well for reasonable growth ahead if the project hits its strides.

Where to buy Wrapped EOS (WEOS)?

For the widest access, the top decentralized exchanges like Noah and NeutroSwap are often the best options to purchase WEOS tokens with ETH. These DEXes provide deep liquidity pools maintained by market makers.

No matter the platform, always verify the contract address of any token to avoid scams.

How to sell Wrapped EOS (WEOS)?

Wrapped eos WEOS token sell

The process to sell WEOS is largely the reverse whether using DEXes or CEXs. Ensure any WEOS tokens are first sent to an ERC-20 compatible wallet like MetaMask.

From there, head to Noah, NeutroSwap or your preferred centralized exchange and select the WEOS/ETH or WEOS/USDT pair to sell into. Input how much WEOS you’d like to trade and confirm the transaction.

You can either withdraw the proceeds in ETH/USDT, or alternatively unwrap the WEOS back to standard EOS that’s transferable on the EOS blockchain.

How to stake Wrapped EOS (WEOS)?

At present, the only viable staking options for WEOS come through synthetic asset protocol, Poseidon. Staking there earns users additional POSI synthetic tokens over time.

Alternatively, Anyswap has facilitated WEOS staking since early 2023. Users can deposit their tokens with liquidity providers like Certus One to earn fees. All staking is non-custodial and fully collateralized by EOS reserves.

Outside of these two services though, core WEOS functionality doesn’t include staking rewards. Future integration may come directly through EOS dapps, especially if decentralization progresses further.

How to mine Wrapped EOS (WEOS)?

It’s not possible to directly mine WEOS tokens since it’s an ERC-20 protocol without its own native consensus. The token is pre-mined during the wrapping process from EOS to ETH.

However, it may be possible to earn small amounts of WEOS through liquidity mining incentives on services like Uniswap. By providing WEOS-ETH LP tokens to liquidity pools, users can earn trading fees and bonus WEOS over time.

But generally speaking, the most meaningful ways to acquire WEOS are through purchasing with fiat on exchanges, savings rewards from staking, or conversions from holding EOS itself through the ETH bridges.

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