What is Everscale (EVER) and How Does It Work in 2024?

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Everscale (EVER) is a revolutionary blockchain network known for its tremendous scalability and lightning-fast transaction speeds.

Powered by the highly efficient Ever OS distributed operating system, Everscale manages to process up to millions of transactions per second thanks to its unique sharded architecture – making it one of the fastest and most scalable blockchains in existence today.

What is the purpose of Everscale (EVER)?

Everscale EVER coin

The EVER coin serves as the native currency that fuels the Everscale economy. Holders can use EVER to pay transaction fees on the network, provide liquidity to decentralized applications (dApps), participate in governance voting, and earn rewards through staking.

As more projects and users are drawn to Everscale’s impressive throughput capabilities, demand for the EVER token is expected to rise substantially. Beyond just serving as a utility token, EVER represents membership in the Everscale community.

As the network continues evolving through community discussions and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) votes, EVER coin holders have a direct say in Everscale’s long-term strategic roadmap.

How does Everscale (EVER) work?

Under the hood, Everscale approaches scalability through a novel “multi-level sharded architecture“. At the lowest level, “shard chains” split workloads across numerous parallel processing “threads“.

Then “workchains” bundle shardchains together for specialized tasks like running smart contracts. Finally, a single “masterchain” oversees the entire network.

This three-tiered structure allows Everscale to scale almost infinitely just by activating more shards as activity increases – far surpassing any single-chain blockchain.

Transactions finalize in under a second too, thanks to the lightning-fast processing across shards. Solidity and Rust are used for smart contract development as well.

Everscale delivers an optimized blockchain experience purpose-built for massive scale. With its powerful throughput, near-instant finality and flexible development environment, it’s quickly becoming the preferred platform for ambitious dApps and enterprises.

Does Everscale (EVER) have a future?

Everscale EVER token future

Considering its technological advantages and vibrant developer community, the outlook for EVER token looks very promising indeed.

Demand is sure to rise as decentralized applications, games, marketplaces and more continue leveraging Everscale’s extreme performance. Partnerships are also growing with companies like Simplex to facilitate onboarding millions of new users.

With a visionary founder in Pavel Durov and an innovative network design, Everscale is perfectly positioned to gain serious traction.

As scalability becomes ever more critical, projects like Everscale that have already solved the problem will pull ahead of slower moving competitors. In 5 years from now Everscale could very well be powering countless mainstream Web3 services thanks to EVER token.

When Everscale (EVER) launched?

The Everscale blockchain originally began life back in 2018 as the Telegram Open Network (TON) – an ambitious project helmed by Telegram founder Pavel Durov.

After regulatory issues prevented its original launch, decentralized developers restarted development in 2020 under the Free TON name.

In late 2021, another rebrand occurred and the network officially relaunched as Everscale – recognizing its true potential as a next-gen blockchain beyond just messaging.

Today, Everscale thrives as an independent, community-governed project where anyone can participate equally. With its superb architecture and strong team, Everscale is primed to reshape the blockchain landscape for decades to come.

Is Everscale (EVER) a scam?

Everscale Ever scam

Absolutely not. Everscale is a fully transparent, open-source project with a well-documented technical history.

While its origins with Telegram drew unfortunate regulatory scrutiny, the current independent iteration led by Everscale Global has no affiliation with any for-profit companies.

The network is secured through a proven Proof-of-Stake consensus model, with validators regularly elected by the community. Transaction processing is completely decentralized across global nodes as well.

Liquidity and exchange listings for EVER token are also increasing steadily. Everscale exhibits all the hallmarks of a legitimate, future-focused cryptocurrency without any suspicious actions or uncontrolled supply.

Its revolutionary scaling presents genuine innovation too – not empty promises. So rest assured Everscale is very much the real deal, aiming to transform how we think about blockchain performance.

Is it safe to invest in Everscale (EVER)?

While cryptocurrency investing inherently carries risks like any new technology, EVER appears to be a reasonably sound long term prospect. Key factors include;

  • Strong technical differentiator in Everscale’s unique architecture which seriously solves the scalability issues hindering adoption.
  • Active development guided by an experienced founder in Pavel Durov and backed by major investors.
  • Growing number of partnerships and applications being built on the network signaling real-world utility.
  • Positive price movements and increasing exchange liquidity demonstrating buy-in from the wider crypto community.

Naturally, market volatility can impact any asset. But considering Everscale’s true innovation improving blockchain fundamentals, backing, and use case applications rapidly emerging, EVER looks like one of the safer higher risk investments in the space.

Just remember to only invest what you can afford to lose.

Is Everscale (EVER) worth it? EVER Price 2024

Everscale EVER coin price 2024

At its current market cap around $70 million, EVER remains undervalued when considering Everscale’s potential for mainstream adoption in the coming years.

As the network effect grows and more users/projects are onboarded, EVER price could surge significantly higher from today’s $0.037 level. Looking ahead to 2024, if Everscale achieves its development roadmap goals and sees the scale of activity projected, $1 EVER is definitely achievable.

Broader industry trends like growing scalability demand from financial institutions experimenting with CBDCs could also serve as powerful tailwinds.

Those who believe in blockchain’s transformative power would be wise to hold a small long term EVER position within a diversified portfolio. Just 1-2% exposure could yield life changing gains should Everscale live up to its full promise as the scalable blockchain of the future.

Remember, incredible success often requires having faith in the potential of revolutionary technology early on. Best of all, you can keep up with all the latest news from Everscale and beyond thanks to EXEcrypto’s comprehensive coverage!

Where to buy Everscale (EVER)?

The best exchanges to purchase EVER include:

which offer the highest liquidity pairs against USDT and BTC. You can also find EVER on smaller platforms like Coinone and Indodax.

To get started, you’ll first need to register for an account and verify your identity with the exchange. Then fund your account by transferring fiat or another crypto in.

Head to EVER/USDT trading pair page and place a market buy order. Be sure to use a limit order for modest spreads. Once purchased, EVER can be securely held in your exchange wallet or a private non-custodial wallet like Trust Wallet for maximum control.

How to sell Everscale (EVER)?

Everscale EVER token sell

Selling EVER is just as simple as buying. From your exchange account, head to the EVER/USDT market and submit a limit sell order for your chosen price. Make sure to specify the amount of EVER you wish to sell.

Double check order details before confirming to avoid mistakes. Once filled, you’ll receive USDT back into your exchange wallet. From there you can withdraw USDT to your bank for fiat or leave funds on the exchange.

Be aware of trading fees which typically range from 0.1% to 0.2% per transaction. Some DEXs like Uniswap charge slightly higher amounts.

But overall the process takes only minutes. Just remember to safely transfer any unsold crypto or fiat proceeds off centralized platforms when finished trading.

How to stake Everscale (EVER)?

Staking EVER tokens is a great way to generate passive income from your holdings while also supporting the security of the Everscale network. Several options exist:

  • Stake directly from the Everscale wallet through its built-in staking center. Set a delegated validator and watch rewards accumulate over time.
  • Use a staking pool provider like Everstake which simplifies the process and manages nodes on your behalf for a small fee.
  • Stake through centralized exchanges that offer staking features like KuCoin where tokens remain in your account.

Annual percentage yields often range from 10-15% depending on the pool and market conditions.

Staking locks up tokens, so ensure you’re willing to hold for at least a few months. It efficiently grows your EVER stack while supporting network decentralization every step of the way.

How to mine Everscale (EVER)?

Everscale EVER coin mine

Unlike Bitcoin, Everscale is not mineable by individuals as it uses a delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus model.

Instead of solving complex cryptographic puzzles, validators secure the network by locking up a large amount of EVER tokens and processing transactions. Rewards are distributed to validators proportional to their stake over time instead of through mining rigs.

As such, the main way for regular users to earn EVER is through activities like liquidity providing, staking, trading fees or community contribution – not by at-home mining.

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